Sweet Summertime

Ah friends it’s been too long…summer time is flyin’ by and I’m reminded again how we must be intentional with our time or it just passes us by. We think we’ll have tomorrow to do something and then realize tomorrow never comes unless we make a plan and make it happen. With just 2 weeks left before my kiddos go back to school, I’m on a mission to make the moments count. I hope you too can savor the last days of summer and make some memories that can potentially last a lifetime. I’ve found simple joys in afternoons by the pool, participating as a family in work-out sessions, slow mornings with a cup of coffee and conversation and just taking time to breathe and slow down! The to-do list will always be there, today take some time to truly appreciate your many blessings and take the time to tell those around you how much they mean to you!! Life is good! Summer is sweet! Enjoy it today!