Clearing the Clutter

The past has a way of catching up to us and sooner or later we either have to “clear the clutter” or spend our days climbing over and around the “stuff” we have allowed into our homes and minds. The saying “Less is More” has sure made an impact in my life and simply choosing contentment over things brings so much peace. I decided a few years ago that I wasn’t going to let anything into my home that I didn’t truly love, have a need/use for or simply brought me joy (let’s be real, sometimes a certain pair of shoes just brings joy!)

In my years of organizing my own home and helping others do the same I’ve learned a few simply strategies 

for keeping the clutter at bay and want to share my tips with you!

Are you ready to tackle those closets/drawers/cabinets that have been staring you down. Are you ready to unpack that baggage that you have been carrying around for far too long?

Are you ready to Clear the Clutter and step into the spaces in your home with a clear mind and knowledge that the things you posses are truly beneficial to you and not just taking up space!

I’m ready if you are! Simply click on “clutter challenge” above and you will be directed to the page to purchase your spot in the “Clear The Clutter Challenge”!!

Reviews from past Clutter Challenge participants. 

I have taken part in two of Hannah’s “Clear the Clutter” challenges thus far. The first challenge focused on main areas of our homes (bedrooms, kitchen, living room, etc…). This was a BIG challenge for me, because my home was in some serious need of de-cluttering! By the end of this challenge, I was not only able to “clear the clutter” & organize various rooms in my home, but also felt as though my home was refreshed & I was less stressed!

The second clutter challenge focused more on detailed parts of our homes (windows, base boards, ceilings fans, shower, etc…). This challenge took a little more “elbow grease”, but it felt good to complete! Plus, our home looked & felt much cleaner!

Throughout each challenge, Hannah is always positive & encouraging. She also provides great advice & tips to help with every area of your home! I look forward to another “Clear the Clutter” challenge!

-Sarah F.