About Me

Welcome! First up, let's do some introductions! I'm Hannah Whiteman, wife, mom and health enthusiast! And I'd like to share with you a story:
There I was, lacing up my shoes while sipping on my protein shake and heading out the door to the gym to participate in yet another exercise class, because I knew it was suppose to be good for me and I had high hopes it would help me reach my goal weight. Because doesn’t goal weight = happiness?!?!? I found myself caught in my own Groundhogs Day: wake up, eat “good food”, exercise, hustle and hustle and hustle in motherhood, business and life and then go to bed and start all over again. I wore tiredness and exhaustion like a badge of honor.  All the while wondering how come I don’t feel happy and all these products and programs that seem to guarantee success in health and life just aren’t working for me. Is it me? Am I broken?
And then one day while listening to my lesson for my health coach certification training. I realized, it’s not the products or programs or diets or protocols or tips or tricks, it’s ME! I’m the secret to my success and my {mindset} is the key to unlocking my potential. My thoughts, my beliefs, how I viewed life, my circumstances, my weight, my abilities, my stressors, that was what was holding me back from experiencing the true happiness I sought.  An ah ha moment for sure! Since that discovery, I have made it my mission to share what I have learned and help others experience the breakthroughs I have made and continue to make. Healthy living is a lifestyle, not a race to the finish line. We can shake off the chains of the scale and experience health and happiness in a whole new way. Look and feel your best like never before. Experience life in a whole new way!
So #GetYourHealthyOn was born and my goal is to help you discover what health means to you, how to get unstuck and moving forward through small daily actionable steps, and how you truly can be your healthiest, happiest self and you can start today!

Hugs my friends as we journey on!